‘The Office’ Clearly Wasn’t Clowning Around With This Subtle Joke

Whether it?s Jim pranking Dwight or Michael Scott saying, ?That?s what she said,? the jokes on ?The Office? have led to some memorable TV moments. Still, subtle jokes are sometimes the most satisfying.

That?s where Redditor MichaelMan122 comes in.

?The Office? series finale aired in 2013, but the Redditor seems to have pointed out a gag that?s largely gone unnoticed. 

In Season 5, Episode 9, ?Frame Toby,? Jim (John Krasinski) buys his parents? house for Pam (Jenna Fischer). While showing it to her, they come across a picture of a clown that Jim can?t seem to get off the wall.

Years have passed since that moment, but finally we have a discovery

Congrats, Jim and Pam! It appears you finally got it down!

In Season 7, Episode 19, ?Garage Sale,? while Kevin (Brian Baumgartner), Darryl (Craig Robinson) and Andy (Ed Helms) play a board game based on the TV show ?Dallas,? you can clearly see the clown picture in the background. Jim and Pam are selling it at the garage sale.

The Redditor told HuffPost, ?It was just one of the little things I noticed while rewatching the show. One of my favorite parts about the show is all the small things the producers have put in the show like this.?

Another Redditor timeless9696 pointed out that a moment where Jim and Pam say they got the picture off the wall is apparently in a deleted scene

There?s a chance the scene was originally included in the episode when it aired in 2011, as at least one review mentions Jim and Pam having the clown picture. (It?s unclear if the reviewer just saw the picture in the background at some point.)

Netflix, which gives many people the option to watch ?The Office? nowadays, told HuffPost there can be changes from when episodes aired to what winds up on the streaming service:

We get the episodes from the distributor; if there have been any changes between the TV airing and what we received there could be change, like for other series adding or removing censorship.

The scene where Jim and Pam mention the picture isn?t in the version on Netflix. If anything, the supposed deleted scene confirms the pictures are the same and that this is an eagle-eyed spot by MichaelMan122.

When it comes to jokes, ?The Office? clearly wasn?t clowning around.

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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Reject A Hug From Kesha Three Times In a Row

You know the old adage never meet your idols? Well, you probably shouldn?t hug them either. 

Pop star Kesha learned both these lessons the hard way (and on camera) when she approached Jerry Seinfeld on the red carpet at National Night of Laughter and Song on Monday. The comedian was in the middle of an interview, when the ?We R Who We R? singer crashed stage left, asking for a hug not once, not twice, but three times. 

?I?m Kesha. I love you so much,? she gushed. ?Can I give you a hug??

?No thanks,? Seinfeld repeated over and over again, backing away from the singer before she released a moan of pure awkwardness and scampered off. 

?I don?t know who that was,? Seinfeld told the interviewer, who informed the star  it was Kesha. ?Well, I wish her the best.?

Somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area, Kesha softly strums her guitar as she single tears it to an acoustic version of the ?Seinfeld? theme song. 

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